Piano Fingering System


Piano Fingering System

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Fingering for piano playing
knots in your fingers???

Datei:Polydactyly 01 Lhand AP.jpgpiano fingering (or fingerings)

forget about it..........!

A thorough Essay about fingering

Fingering for piano playing has a preface which you can read here. Below you can order the fingering article with all mystic rules for piano fingering over our secure-saferpay-server.

A Systematical way to write down
Piano Fingering

this means no obligation which finger you should put on which key,
but it means a consequent professional way to write down your personal fingering
to optimize your learning process. In the fingering edition you get two music sheets
for every piece: one with a professional fingering and the other without any fingering,
so that you can make your own conception (using this new fingering "terminology")!

as a Precondition
for Free Music Performance

Many fingering examples from music sheets:

piano fingering

second example piano fingering
piano fingering

After the preface the mystic fingering tricks are shown......

...in the eBook fingering for piano playing

The text is in THREE LANGUAGES: english, german and italian! The music of course is international (non-verbal).

Together with the eBook you will get a whole lot of Bonuses:


  • Printable music sheets of the entire Fingering Edition
    (that is 33 piano pieces - since 2018 even 100 - of printable music sheets!).
    Value: more than 120 €!

    Guarantee: Up to the 100 th music piece
    of the newly produced titles of the fingering edition
    you get a FREE update download - we inform you then!

    You get ALL Printable music sheets WITH AND WITHOUT piano fingering
    (so that is a total of 2 x 100 = 200 printable music sheets)
    so that you have a blank printable music sheet to write your own fingering for piano as YOU like!
    I want to give you highest quality suggestions without limiting you to my way.


With this equipment you will have a lot to do!

Try to study the pieces exactly with my fingering and then develop your own variations with the music sheets left without.

When you have placed your order you will get the product as download.


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