PianoMusicDocs SUPER-class @ TCM in Heidelberg


PianoMusicDocs SUPER-class @ TCM in Heidelberg

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PianoMusicDocs in Heidelberg 21.-24. Feb 2019

Sensational concept on the basis of the “Relativity Formula of Piano Playing” (Wolfgang Ellenberger) with Co-lecturers: QiGong by Mario Goncalves and lectures about learning techniques of TCM by Prof.Dr.med. Johannes Greten!

Prof.Dr.med. Johannes Greten

Prof. Dr.med. Greten is teaching a master study for TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) in Porto/Portugal. His TCM-book  is unique and the Chinese government has acknowledged it as “a good way to bring TCM to the west”.

Mario Goncalves

Mario Goncalves is a charismatic QiGong teacher and works in Prof. Greten´s office. He was the only western personality ever winning a national Chinese Tuina competition.

Here Details about the concept

Theme-centered interaction with music.
Self-reflection and self-recongition by methodically elaborating music pieces with the multi-modal Ellenberger system.
It provides a unique programming directly “into the gyrus” and a profound understanding of the brain functionality and of mistake-psychology – this can be applied in the medical practice.

CONTINUING MEDICAL EDUCATION acknowledgement being planned.

Exact time table as Excel-file HD02-Stundenplan

Thursday 21st February 2019 (19:00) thru Sunday, 24th February 2019 (16:00).


Thursday evening:           Get together with some snacks and playing for each other; first lecture

Friday and Saturday:       daily piano lesson 45 minutes 1:1 (that makes possible ANY technical skill level!) Lectures about learning physiology, psychology of mistakes and application of this knowledge at the doctors office. Holistic flow of energy and healing through “Qi”.

…and intensive practising of the participants. In between: get CULTURE in London!

Sunday:                              another 30 minute lesson 1:1

14:00-16:00 hrs: Final concert of the participants in the Bluthner show room – open to the public

Testimonial about same concept in London 2018:

„PianoMusicDocs‘ long weekend in London was a truly inspiring experience for me. Good company, good instruments and very good practising facilities added up to intensive learning. The addition of lectures on The Psychology of Errors and more was exactly the spice that made the dish complete. The English are more famous for their warfare than for their cooking. However this combination of German and English musical effort as interpreted by Wolfgang Ellenberger was not only value for money, it was just about transcendental. Glad to have participated.“

Karsten Hesse

Target group: health care professionals: medical doctors, dentists, pharmacists, veterinarians

Testimonial Susanne Millner:

„Ob Rom, Mailand oder London…eine Stunde Klavierunterricht bei Wolfgang Ellenberger ist wie ein halbes Jahr Unterricht bei einem normalen Lehrer.“

(No matter if Rome, Milano or London…. one piano lesson with Wolfgang Ellenberger is like half a year of lessons from a normal piano teacher)

History: Wolfgang Ellenberger is concert pianist (piano diploma and concert exam) and medical doctor (GP and psychiatry) and has given PianoMusicDoc classes since 1991.
From 2011 thru 2017 they have been organised by the Bösendorfer company in Vienna, since 2018 there is a cooperation with Blüthner as well. Dr.med. Christian Blüthner ist he only medical doctor in history leading a piano factory.

The famous Blüthner sound has gone around the world also with some Beatles songs as “Let it be” – recorded in the Abbey Road Studios on a Bluthner.

For participants who have already booked over the SHOP:

Calendar to insert your piano teaching units. Go to February 2019 and then weekly view for February 21st to 24th.

Who has difficulties to handle this, simply write an e-mail to Wolfgang@Ellenberger.hamburg with your time requests (for available slots)
We book your PRACTISING TIME directly @ Heidelberg, you may send an e-mail for your desired times right now.


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