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The ALPHA GRAND is absolutely unique. Its full-fledged wooden concert piano action is handcrafted to the highest standards of traditional piano manufacturing.

For that reason, you experience the very same sensation as when playing a largeacoustic concert grand. Key characteristics such as weight, key resistance, key movement and even the instrument’s vibration bouncing back to the keys create the feeling of an authentic piano action, because it IS a real piano action!

With a host of proprietary developments, the ALPHA GRAND leaves even professional pianists who would never play or practice on a digital piano stunned and convinced.

  • 88 original wooden hammer-action keys
  • Complete grand piano action
  • Groundbreaking patented technology
  • Adjustable height
  • Highest quality sounds
  • Custom models with options for finish, Renner piano action, loudspeakers


ALPHA GRAND and ALPHA STUDIO feature the very same piano action that is deployed in concert grands such as the Bösendorfer 280, the Steinway D-274 or the Yamaha CF-X. It is the only piano controller in the world that incorporates all prerequisites to authentically recreate the feeling of playing a concert grand.

Instead of hitting two or three strings as in an acoustic piano, the felt hammers hit pressure sensors that were exclusively developed for ALPHA PIANOS. Just as in a real piano, the velocity of the hammer determines the volume of the tone. Pianists will appreciate how the sensors react to the hammer just as piano strings do.



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Ergonomic-Piano-Bench-Linea-Dr-Habermann Ergonomic-Piano-Bench-Linea-Dr-Habermann
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Piano Fingering System Piano Fingering System
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GRAND Piano Action Model by RENNER GRAND Piano Action Model by RENNER
379.00 *
online piano-class by online piano-class by
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PianoMusicDocs class @ Bluthner in London PianoMusicDocs class @ Bluthner in London
499.00 *
Skype-lesson Skype-lesson
100.00 *
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