The ALPHA GRAND is absolutely unique. Its full-fledged wooden concert piano action is handcrafted to the highest standards of traditional piano manufacturing.

For that reason, you experience the very same sensation as when playing a largeacoustic concert grand. Key characteristics such as weight, key resistance, key movement and even the instrument’s vibration bouncing back to the keys create the feeling of an authentic piano action, because it IS a real piano action!

With a host of proprietary developments, the ALPHA GRAND leaves even professional pianists who would never play or practice on a digital piano stunned and convinced.

  • 88 original wooden hammer-action keys
  • Complete grand piano action
  • Groundbreaking patented technology
  • Adjustable height
  • Highest quality sounds
  • Custom models with options for finish, Renner piano action, loudspeakers


ALPHA GRAND and ALPHA STUDIO feature the very same piano action that is deployed in concert grands such as the Bösendorfer 280, the Steinway D-274 or the Yamaha CF-X. It is the only piano controller in the world that incorporates all prerequisites to authentically recreate the feeling of playing a concert grand.

Instead of hitting two or three strings as in an acoustic piano, the felt hammers hit pressure sensors that were exclusively developed for ALPHA PIANOS. Just as in a real piano, the velocity of the hammer determines the volume of the tone. Pianists will appreciate how the sensors react to the hammer just as piano strings do.


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Ergonomische Klavierbank Linea Dr. Habermann




Medizinisch-Wissenschaftliche Abhandlung
Dr. Annamaria Habermann

Die Wirbelsäule von Musikern die Tasteninstrumente spielen, ist sowohl statischem, als auch dynamischem Stress ausgesetzt, Beide beeinflussen praktisch sämtliche muscolo-tendinösen Verbindungen des Körpers. Das ist auch der Grund für das häufige Auftreten von Verspannungen im Bereich des Halses, des Schultergürtels und der Lendenwirbelmuskulatur: Diese Verspannungen beeinträchtigen den Musiker insofern, als sie zu Schmerzen führen können, die von einer Bindegewebs- und Muskelfaserentzündung hervorgerufen werden. Auch wenn diese Verspannungen durch bestimmte gymnastische Übungen ad hoc oder durch Physiotherapie gelöst werden können, werden die Schmerzen wieder auftreten, sobald sich der Musiker emeut auf seine alte Klavierbank zum Üben an sein Instrument setzt. Verantwortlich für all das ist zu einem Großteil die Körperhaltung, die der Musiker vor seinem lnstrument einnimmt, andererseits die Klavierbank.


Die Haltung wird von der Form der Klavierbank bedingt, auf welcher der Musiker vor dem Instrument sitzt.
Man muß davon ausgehen, daß der Pianist:
die oberen Extremitäten mit Beweglichkeit, Gelenkigkeit und Kraft und
die Füße zur Bedienung der Pedale frei bewegen können soll.

Deshalb ist der Musiker gezwungen, ständig das Gewicht seines Oberkörpers über dem Becken mit dem Schwerpunkt der Drehbewegung auf den Lendenwirbeln zu verschieben. Wie in der ersten Abbildung ersichtlich, erfolgt mit einer herkömmlichen Klavierbank die Sitzposition auf dem vordersten Teil der Sitzfläche, ohne dem Rücken eine angenehme Stütze zu bieten. Desweiteren lastet das Gewicht des Oberkörpers komplett auf den Sitzbeinen, wodurch das Becken in einem instabilen Gleichgewicht gehalten wird. Daraus folgt, daß durch eine flache Klavierbank alle physiologischen Krümmungen der Wirbelsäule beansprucht werden, wodurch die Lumballordose, die Cervikallordose und -anteversion sowie die Dorsalkyphose verstärkt werden. (Abb.2)

Lösung: Andere Balance der LWS Lendenwirbelsäule, da das Gewicht auf den Sitzbeinen balanciert:


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Fingering for piano playing
knots in your fingers???

Datei:Polydactyly 01 Lhand AP.jpgpiano fingering (or fingerings)

forget about it..........!

A thorough Essay about fingering

Fingering for piano playing has a preface which you can read here. Below you can order the fingering article with all mystic rules for piano fingering over our secure-saferpay-server.

A Systematical way to write down
Piano Fingering

this means no obligation which finger you should put on which key,
but it means a consequent professional way to write down your personal fingering
to optimize your learning process. In the fingering edition you get two music sheets
for every piece: one with a professional fingering and the other without any fingering,
so that you can make your own conception (using this new fingering "terminology")!

as a Precondition
for Free Music Performance

Many fingering examples from music sheets:

piano fingering

second example piano fingering
piano fingering

After the preface the mystic fingering tricks are shown...... the eBook fingering for piano playing

The text is in THREE LANGUAGES: english, german and italian! The music of course is international (non-verbal).

Together with the eBook you will get a whole lot of Bonuses:


  • Printable music sheets of the entire Fingering Edition
    (that is 33 piano pieces of printable music sheets!).
    Value: more than 120 €!

    Guarantee: Up to the 100 th music piece
    of the newly produced titles of the fingering edition
    you get a FREE update download - we inform you then!

    You get ALL Printable music sheets WITH AND WITHOUT piano fingering
    (so that is a total of 2 x 33 = 66 printable music sheets)
    so that you have a blank printable music sheet to write your own fingering for piano as YOU like!
    I want to give you highest quality suggestions without limiting you to my way.


With this equipment you will have a lot to do!

Try to study the pieces exactly with my fingering and then develop your own variations with the music sheets left without.

When you have placed your order you will get the product as download.

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grand piano action model
(the model you get is 1:1 ORIGINAL SIZE!)

Absolutely interesting not only for piano players:
Renner piano action model!
The action used by the grand piano producers world-wide like:
Renner piano action in Steinway
Renner piano action in Bösendorfer
Renner piano action in Fazioli
Renner piano action in Schimmel etc.
Order YOUR piano action model
and find out the secrets of your piano action!


See how most interesting the function of a grand piano action is!
I myself often "played around" with my piano action models and learnt a big lot from them and learnt things I was never taught during my piano studies!

What the academies do not teach you get intensively in my private post-graduate studies

Singers when doing professional studies MUST have teaching in anatomy of the voice.

Every single piano teaching room in any music academy of the world should have one
grand piano action model for continuous learning about the technical principles!

Ridiculous is the price in relation of a piano action model to the value of the instruments used.......

The price for shipping will be displayed in the basket afer registering. Then please select the shipping method according to grand piano action model from the list-box.

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THE online piano master-class by

Wolfgang Ellenberger has studied medicine, music therapy and piano diploma and concert exam, and as 4th students generation after Franz Liszt he has developed this unique piano master-class for amateur and advanced students up to professional level in the following classes.

He coaches you to get rid of all fears of performing and teaches scientific memory techniques so that a solid playing technique gives you the maximu security performing.

Advanced students can make a short-cut road through this BASIC but at the same time get coaching about the method and techniques of the "Relativity Formula of Piano Playing".

BASIC - ADVANCED - PROFESSIONAL are ALL contained in this unique price!

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SECOND PianoMusicDocs master-class with theme "theme centered interaction with music" certified as CME of German authority

At the Bluthner studios: 6 Baker St, Marylebone, London W1U 6AZ, +44 20 7753 0533, Stuart Kernaghan

May 16th, 2019 (19:00 hrs) thru Sunday 19th, 2019 (16:00 hrs).


Thursday evening:           Get together with some snacks and playing for each other + lecture about learnign physiology.


Friday and Saturday:       daily piano lesson 1:1 (tha makes possible ANY technical skill level!) lectures neurophysiology and Qi-movements.

and intensive practising of the participants. In between: get CULTURE in London!


Sunday:                              another 30 minute lesson 1:1

                                            14:00-16:00 hrs: Final concert of the participants in the Bluthner show room - open to the public. Showing results and small CME-test.

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PianoMusicDocs in Heidelberg 21.-24. Feb 2019

Sensational concept on the basis of the “Relativity Formula of Piano Playing” (Wolfgang Ellenberger) with Co-lecturers: QiGong by Mario Goncalves and lectures about learning techniques of TCM by Johannes Greten! Johannes Greten

Prof. Greten is teaching a master study for TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) in Porto/Portugal. His TCM-book  is unique and the Chinese government has acknowledged it as “a good way to bring TCM to the west”.

Mario Goncalves

Mario Goncalves is a charismatic QiGong teacher and works in Prof. Greten´s office. He was the only western personality ever winning a national Chinese Tuina competition.

Here Details about the concept

Theme-centered interaction with music.
Self-reflection and self-recongition by methodically elaborating music pieces with the multi-modal Ellenberger system.
It provides a unique programming directly “into the gyrus” and a profound understanding of the brain functionality and of mistake-psychology – this can be applied in the medical practice.

CONTINUING MEDICAL EDUCATION acknowledgement being planned.

Exact time table as Excel-file HD02-Stundenplan

Thursday 21st February 2019 (19:00) thru Sunday, 24th February 2019 (16:00).


Thursday evening:           Get together with some snacks and playing for each other; first lecture

Friday and Saturday:       daily piano lesson 45 minutes 1:1 (that makes possible ANY technical skill level!) Lectures about learning physiology, psychology of mistakes and application of this knowledge at the doctors office. Holistic flow of energy and healing through “Qi”.

…and intensive practising of the participants. In between: get CULTURE in London!

Sunday:                              another 30 minute lesson 1:1

14:00-16:00 hrs: Final concert of the participants in the Bluthner show room – open to the public

Testimonial about same concept in London 2018:

„PianoMusicDocs‘ long weekend in London was a truly inspiring experience for me. Good company, good instruments and very good practising facilities added up to intensive learning. The addition of lectures on The Psychology of Errors and more was exactly the spice that made the dish complete. The English are more famous for their warfare than for their cooking. However this combination of German and English musical effort as interpreted by Wolfgang Ellenberger was not only value for money, it was just about transcendental. Glad to have participated.“

Karsten Hesse

Target group: health care professionals: medical doctors, dentists, pharmacists, veterinarians

Testimonial Susanne Millner:

„Ob Rom, Mailand oder London…eine Stunde Klavierunterricht bei Wolfgang Ellenberger ist wie ein halbes Jahr Unterricht bei einem normalen Lehrer.“

(No matter if Rome, Milano or London…. one piano lesson with Wolfgang Ellenberger is like half a year of lessons from a normal piano teacher)

History: Wolfgang Ellenberger is concert pianist (piano diploma and concert exam) and medical doctor (GP and psychiatry) and has given PianoMusicDoc classes since 1991.
From 2011 thru 2017 they have been organised by the Bösendorfer company in Vienna, since 2018 there is a cooperation with Blüthner as well. Christian Blüthner ist he only medical doctor in history leading a piano factory.

The famous Blüthner sound has gone around the world also with some Beatles songs as “Let it be” – recorded in the Abbey Road Studios on a Bluthner.

For participants who have already booked over the SHOP:

Calendar to insert your piano teaching units. Go to February 2019 and then weekly view for February 21st to 24th.

Who has difficulties to handle this, simply write an e-mail to with your time requests (for available slots)
We book your PRACTISING TIME directly @ Heidelberg, you may send an e-mail for your desired times right now.

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This master-class is sold out! Check for the next one:

The new medium for tele-teaching via Skype 1:1 with Wolfgang Ellenberger

This can be a piano lesson or a coaching unit.

Just book a lesson (or a higher number changing the number in the basket) and then send you wish for a date to Wolfgang @ - at this moment it should be on Wednesday afternoon between 14:30 and 17:30 hrs Middle European (Summer-) Time = GMT + 2 in the summer and GMT + 1 in the wintertime.

Then you get a confirmation or an alternative suggestion. You connect via SKype with the nick "ellenbergerwolfgang" and we start communicating!

Look at the picture how you can place the webcam to look on your piano.

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