PianoMusicDocs class @ Bluthner in London


PianoMusicDocs class @ Bluthner in London

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SECOND PianoMusicDocs master-class with theme "theme centered interaction with music" certified as CME of German authority

At the Bluthner studios: 6 Baker St, Marylebone, London W1U 6AZ, +44 20 7753 0533, Stuart Kernaghan

February 16th, 2019 (19:00 hrs) thru Sunday 19th, 2019 (16:00 hrs).


Thursday evening:           Get together with some snacks and playing for each other + lecture about learnign physiology.


Friday and Saturday:       daily piano lesson 1:1 (tha makes possible ANY technical skill level!) lectures neurophysiology and Qi-movements.

and intensive practising of the participants. In between: get CULTURE in London!


Sunday:                              another 30 minute lesson 1:1

                                            14:00-16:00 hrs: Final concert of the participants in the Bluthner show room - open to the public. Showing results and small CME-test.


Product Note Status Price
Ergonomic-Piano-Bench-Linea-Dr-Habermann Ergonomic-Piano-Bench-Linea-Dr-Habermann
Ergonomic seat for optimal results!
1,090.00 *
GRAND Piano Action Model by RENNER GRAND Piano Action Model by RENNER
urgently recommended for practising!
379.00 *
Skype-lesson Skype-lesson
nobody is left alone after the class....!
100.00 *
Niendorf 275 cm concert grand Niendorf 275 cm concert grand
139,000.00 *
alpha-grand alpha-grand
61,518.00 *
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