DVD To Look Death in its Face

DVD To Look Death in its Face

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A Wonderful Film about LIFE!

Director: Stefan Haupt

Elisabeth Küblert-Ross has worked about dyingover her entire life and achieved world-wide acknowledge. With 23 honour doctorate degrees she is most "decorated".
Her engagement for this theme got it out of the dust bin (as she said) and has integrated this topic in society. The world-wide movement of Hospiz houses for dignity of dying has been essentially stimulated by her work.
Widening the scientifiv point of view she explored NDEs (Near Death Experiences) and experienced a lot between the material and the spiritual world.

She has been norn in Zurich 1926 and studied medicine against the will of her parents. In the USA she specialised as psychiatrist. Finally her book "On Death and Dying" brought her the break-through internationally. She gave workshops and lectures all over the globe and bult an own center in Virginia. In 1994 her house was destroyed by fire.
Her last years she spent in a little farm in Arizona where she had been interviewed also for this film.
How she talks about her own life and tells about her work has touched all viewers deeply. Her freedom and attitude about dying are giving a very convincing example to look death into its face without any fear.
Many interviews and interesting archive material give this film a vivid testimonial about an outstanding personality in history.

Extras: Booklet with background information - also about the director , original trailer  Year: 2003   FSK: o.A.  

Country: Schweiz   Under titles: German, French & Englisch   Language: 
German and english comments in two versions   Length: 112 min   Sound: Dolby Digital  


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