Body as Mirror of the Soul


Body as Mirror of the Soul

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Who are we regarding our body? Which is our body's challenge? Which chances evolve from that?

Rüdiger Dahlke opens uo a lot of new aspects about the shape and outfit of bodies rather than the sick body. He reveals essential informations about a wholistic view of the body. There are many practical hints for every day life. Looking at collective phenomena like the fast-food-generation he polarises disturbances of body weight as anorexia and obesy.

Cosmetic surgery or the suppression of the rounded female forms makes clear how persons are imprinted by fashion and trends. Thus people tend to judge themselves negatively and be unhappy if they do not match the produced "ideals". To liberate oneself from these validations and recognises the individual gifts is a central point of view of this book which contains a very readable style.


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